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20KG Builders Choice - General Purpose Concrete

General Purpose Concrete is a pre-blended dry mixture of grey cement, sand, and stone (aggregate) using the common 1:2½:4 concrete recipe. It can be used in all general and handyman concrete applications, and in structural concrete applications up to N25 Class.

General Purpose Concrete is packed in 20kg bags.

Each 20kg bag of General Purpose Concrete will yield about 0.01m3 of finished concrete; i.e. you will need about 100 bags for each 1m3 of concrete required.

  • KGS Per Bag: 20kg

  • Bags Per Tonne: 50

  • Bags Per Pallet: 72

  • Tonnes Per Pallet: 1.44T

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This guide will help you work out how much product you will require.

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Builders Choice, General Purpose Concrete 20kg – Code: CON20


Builders Choice provides a full range of products suitable for concrete, render and mortar applications. The tables in this document will help you to choose a suitable product.

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