Product Re-Order Code: DPS20

20KG Builders Choice - Dried Paving Sand

Builders Choice DRIED PAVING SAND is designed to complement installed pavers around the house, pool areas and driveways. DRIED PAVING SAND is manufactured from suitably graded, high quality, clean and dried West Australian sand.

The dried nature of the sand offers a no-wait approach to paver grouting. No waiting for sand to dry! No more sweeping the wet sand across the pavers, waiting for it to dry and then sweeping it into the joints.

If it’s saving you time then it’s probably saving you money.

Dried Paving Sand is packed in water resistant, plastic 20kg bags. Each 20kg bag of Dried Paving Sand will yield approximately 4m2 at a 3mm gap.

  • KGS Per Bag: 20kg

  • Bags Per Tonne: 50

  • Bags Per Pallet: 72

  • Tonnes Per Pallet: 1.44T

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Builders Choice, Dried Paving Sand 20kg – Code: DPS20


Builders Choice provides a full range of products suitable for concrete, render and mortar applications. The tables in this document will help you to choose a suitable product.

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