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20KG Builders Choice - Low Heat Cement

Low Heat Cement is a specially engineered cement for use where the heat evolved during the cement hydration process needs to be reduced. In mass concrete situations using normal Type GP cements, this heat of hydration can cause significant temperature gradients within the structure and thermal cracking may result. The use of Low Heat Cement (Type LH) can minimise this effect.

Low Heat Cement can also be used in soil stabilisation, underground mining and marine concrete applications where engineering properties such as reworkability and durability are required.

Low Heat Cement is packed in 20kg bags.

  • KGS Per Bag: 20kg

  • Bags Per Tonne: 50

  • Bags Per Pallet: 64

  • Tonnes Per Pallet: 1.28T

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A guide to calculating the amount of cement to use for your project. It is recommended you also download the Concrete Guide PDF document.

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This guide will help you work out how much cement you need. You can also check out the video link above.

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Builders Choice, Low Heat Cement 20kg – Code: LH20


Builders Choice provides a full range of products suitable for concrete, render and mortar applications. The tables in this document will help you to choose a suitable product.

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