LIME ‘N’ LITE 17.85kg

Product Re-Order Code: LL17

17.85KG Builders Choice - Lime n Lite

Lime ‘n’ Lite is a pre-blended cement specifically designed for M2 and M3 mortars. Made from an equal blend (1:1 by volume) of Ultra Creme and Hydrolime, it takes the guesswork out of on-site batching.

Lime ‘n’ Lite is the perfect product if you want a cream-coloured mortar when laying bricks or blocks. Lime ‘n’ Lite also extends board life and does not require air-entrainers to be added to the mix.

Packed in 17.85kg bags.

  • KGS Per Bag: 17.85kg

  • Bags Per Tonne: 56

  • Bags Per Pallet: 64

  • Tonnes Per Pallet: 1.14T

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Use this guide to help calculate what cement is required for rendering applications.

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Use this guide to help calculate what cement is required when mixing mortar.

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Builders Choice, Hydrolime 17.85kg – Code: LL17


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