Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV)

All heavy vehicles are categorised into a RAV network depending on the number of axle groups, the type of axle groups, the total gross (standard) weight and the combination’s dimensions (mainly: length, width & height). The RAV network decides which roads each category of vehicle is allowed to use. Vehicles generally fall into a RAV category when they exceed 19m (for a combination vehicle) and a gross mass of more than 42.5T.

Most of the BGC Cement tanker fleet is converter sets, meaning they can be assembled as a Double Road Train or a B-Double. This flexibility allows us to easily change the tanker configuration if the network is limited to a set number of axle groups.

The following illustrations highlight the difference between two RAV networks by removing one axle set. Even though we still have two tankers with the same physical capacity, the total payload is reduced due to the fewer axle groups supporting the weight.

Cement Tanker - Road Train

RAV Network 4 Double Road Train – 5 Axle Groups – Length: < 27.5m – Mass: < 87.5T

B-Double Tanker Combination

RAV Network 2 – B-Double – 4 Axle Groups – Length: < 27.5m – Mass: < 67.5T

BGC Cement primarily operates on Networks 2, 4 & 7 but can also operate on Networks 3 & 10 by arrangement for specific projects.

Maximum Loading Capabilities

Most of the prime movers used by BGC are 4-axle (also referred to as 8-wheeler) vehicles. An 8-wheeler can support an extra 5T compared to a 3-axle (6-wheeler). All tanker sets and dollies are also configured with tri-axle groups to further maximise loading capabilities. The benefit of utilising 8-wheelers and tri-axle tankers means that the maximum amount of tonnage can be loaded for the given combination.  In addition to all of this, BGC is also an approved member of the Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS), which allows additional tonnage over the normal legal limits to AMMS level 3.

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