The process of soil stabilisation refers to changing the physical properties of soil in order to improve its strength, durability, or other qualities. Typically, this is important for road construction, and other concerns related to the building and maintenance of infrastructure.

BGC Cement has a long history of successfully supplying WA’s road stabilisation companies.

With a wide range of binders available as well as a massive fleet of tankers and prime movers, we have the industry’s needs covered.

Suitable Binders

  • Low Heat cement(LH)

  • General Blended cement (GB)

  • General Purpose cement (GP)

  • Quicklime (QL)

  • Hydrated Lime (HL)

We understand what you want

  • AMMS 1 & AMMS 3 extra mass loading

  • Single, B-Double, Double Road Train or B Double & Dog configurations

  • Big campaigns requiring a system of frequently delivered tankers

  • Partial loads

  • Delivery to all regions

  • Various binder choices

  • Understanding when your POD or Spreader is full