BGC Cement understands the cementitious and lime challenges of the mining industry, from feasibility study through to construction, operation and maintenance.

Maybe you’ve got a big pour coming up, or a large CAF campaign. We know there will be times when things don’t go to plan.

You’ll need less, you’ll need more, you’ll need none!

We understand the peaks and troughs of your requirements

With a privately owned fleet of 110 tankers and around 40 prime movers – BGC Cement is your flexible supplier.

We deliver cement, lime and slag all over WA and the NT. From Esperance to Kununurra, Kalgoorlie to Exmouth, Dalwallinu to Darwin.

We supply 20kg sacks, bulker bags up to 1.5 tonnes and of course bulk tanker cement, lime and slag.

  • Cemented Paste Fill (CPF)

  • Cemented Aggregate Fill (CAF)

  • Cemented Hydraulic Fill (CHF)

  • Pre-mix Concrete

  • Jet Grouting

  • Shotcrete

  • Road Stabilisation

  • Concrete Precast

  • Culvert Backfill

  • Quicklime for the production/recovery of aluminium, magnesium, uranium, gold and silver

Available cements and limes:

  • Low Heat cement (LH)

  • General Purpose cement (GP)

  • High Early cement (HE)

  • General Blended cement (GB)

  • Ultra Creme High Early cement (UCHE)

  • Bulk Milled Slag (BMS or GGBFS)

  • Quicklime

  • Hydrated lime

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Cement used for Road Stabilisation