If you ever find yourself in need of additional bulk storage, BGC always has you covered. Our fleet of ISOs, PODs and mobile silos is readily available to provide the perfect solution for your storage problems.

All our hire units can be dispatched, loaded and topped up as required. A hire unit is usually left at your site for the term required and discharged at your own leisure.

Cement ISO storage hire


We have a fleet of ISOs, ranging from single units with self-contained compressors to Double Road Train combinations. All ISOs are mounted on tri-axle skels in combination with a dual axle dolly.

  • Size: 27m3
  • Static Capacity: Approx 30T
  • Transport Capacity: Approx 22T

ISOs are suitable for all cement and lime storage requirements. They can operate independent of any power or air supply with their own fully contained on-board compressor. These units can be easily re-supplied with product via BGC’s bulk tanker fleet. Product is transferred pneumatically on re-supply, and also discharged pneumatically into your silos or spreader truck.
ISOs also have a top hatch for loading directly from under a silo.

Cement portable storage


Our POD fleet is a selection of older pneumatic tankers that now spend their retirement years as extra storage space when you need that little bit extra. Our PODs vary in size from 20m3 to 37m3. They all have a variety of axle groups and weight limitations, with some having more cubic capacity than an ISO.

Most of our POD fleet is single tanker, but we do have some B-Double sets when you require slightly more storage than what a single can offer.

Our PODs are popular with mine sites for extra storage, redundancy supply and also with road stabilisation jobs.

Mobile Cement Silo Western Australia

Mobile Silos

Whenever you have a remote project that requires a mobile cement or lime silo, we might have just what you’re looking for. Our 120T mobile silo is fully self-contained with its own power generator and air production. This unit can only be filled pneumatically and discharged via an auger into your batching unit or truck. All mobile silos have an auger that extends away from the unit, at a height that most pneumatic tankers should fit under.

All mobile silos come complete with their own dust collecting system, ensuring the environment remains unaffected during loading and unloading procedures. Transporting of these units requires special permits, and height restrictions may limit where they can go, especially in the metro region. They are usually transported as an oversize and require some assembly when onsite. Our maintenance team is always available for assistance in the commissioning process, and if required can customise aspects of the unit’s design and operation to integrate with your equipment.