BGC Cement operates a total of 12 multi-deck trade certified weighbridges for cement loading operations. The majority of our delivered product is accurately and safely loaded with the truck positioned on a multi-deck weighbridge. This setup has the advantage of ensuring no individual axle group exceeds the legal limit. Our weighbridges are split into five separate weigh decks to capture the individual axle group of a vehicle combination up to a Double Road Train.

By the time a truck is fully loaded, each axle group is positioned on its own independently measured weighbridge deck. This provides extremely accurate weights, and allows our fleet to fully comply with the Main Roads Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS).

  • Accurate measurement of loaded product

  • Ability to easily load the maximum payload

  • Can load to AMMS 3 – for extra payload

  • Efficient Loading Times

BGC operates 12 multi-deck trade certified weighbridges within WA & NT

BGC Cement - AMMS Loading - Weighbridge Multideck


BGC Cement is a member of the Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS), operated by Main Roads. Our fleet of pneumatic tanker hauliers hold permits that allow for the transportation of extra mass to AMMS level 3. This is the maximum allowable extra mass level when applied to the transportation of bulk products.

Having approved measurement controls in place allows BGC to maximise its loading capacity, which saves you money, reduces the number of trucks on the road and benefits the environment.