Utilising either heavy-duty ball or roller industrial mills, BGC converts high-grade raw materials (local and imported) into various cement and slag products for use throughout the construction and mining industries.

Storage facilities at both Canning Vale and Naval Base have a combined capacity of over 400,000 tonnes of raw material and over 52,000 tonnes of premium finished product.

Storage of over 400,000 tonnes of raw material
and 60,000 tonnes of premium finished product

Having the dual sites with multiple mills and silos provides us flexibility to produce both regular and boutique special blend binders.

BGC Cement prides itself on facilitating numerous quality control measures throughout the production process. This begins with sourcing the finest raw materials, to employing highly skilled and dedicated milling staff. Our processes are fully backed by our NATA accredited in-house laboratory that oversees our ISO9001 accredited quality management system.

NATA accredited in-house laboratory
 ISO9001 accredited quality management system

BGC also runs a lime hydration plant. This produces quality lime suitable as a stand-alone hydrated lime product. It is available in 20kg sacks, or to blend with cements for products such as Lime ‘n’ Lite or Lime ‘n’ Grey in sacks or bulker bags.

How Cement is Made

Concrete vs Cement

Paper sacks

BGC Cement offers a large range of packaged cements, cement and lime blends, hydrated lime and drymix products under its BUILDERS CHOICE brand name.

Bagged using a state-of-the-art German engineered and manufactured Haver roto-packer filling machine, we bag over 6,000 sacks per day.

We bag over 6,000 sacks per day

BGC Cement - Builders Choice Paper SacksOnce filled at the roto-packer, the sacks are conveyed to an automatic palletiser. They head through the automatic stretch hood unit, which places a heavy-duty plastic hood over the pallet.
The plastic hood then reduces in size and tightens, firmly holding the products in place and providing protection from the weather.

Packaged goods are available for collection from our Canning Vale depot or delivery.

BGC Builders Choice Cement WA
Builders Choice - Grey Cement 20kg Builders Choice - Ultra Creme Cement 20kg
Builders Choice Hydrolime 20kg Builders Choice - Plasters Cement 20kg
Builders Choice - Low Heat Cement 20kg Builders Choice Lime n Grey Cement 17.85kg
Builders Choice Lime n Lite packaged cement
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Bulker bags

BGC Cement have a bulker bag production line that can handle large or small volumes, and varieties such as GP, Ultra Creme, Lime ‘n’ Grey, Low Heat, etc. These are available for collection from our Canning Vale depot or delivery. Also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), we produce bulker bags into standard sizes.

Our friendly dispatch team is accredited to follow the Chain of Responsibility loading requirement

BGC Cement is able to load multiple trucks at one time. This is made possible by the traffic flow system, weighbridge and undercover wide loading area.

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We can also produce non-standard sizes but there are minimum order quantities and lead time restrictions. Please call the Sales Department on (08) 9334 4555 with any queries.

  • 500kg

  • 750kg

  • 1000kg

  • 1200kg

  • 1500kg

Bulker Bag Quality – Bulker bags are manufactured and supplied in accordance with Australian Standard AS3668-1989 Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers – Non-Dangerous Goods.

The bags are single-trip FIBCs and should not be re-filled. End-user shall be responsible for proper disposal of used bulker bags.


BGC Cement - Drymix FactoryBGC Cement provides an extensive range of drymix products to cater for any commercial and D.I.Y. requirement. These are produced into sacks or bulker bags.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Naval Base boasts a 12-storey storage and blending plant. The blenders are able to mix high quality, accurate blends of ingredients like dried sands, aggregates, lime, cements and additives to our or your recipe.

Talk to us if you are considering a contract packing or private label option

This is backed by our NATA accredited in-house laboratory that oversees our ISO9001 accredited quality management system.

We use a German designed and manufactured Haver Itegra bagging unit. This allows us to produce to various and precise weights, at rates of more than 1,500 bags per hour.

Other features of our plant include:

  • A.B.B robotic packaging system – Various pattern and heights

  • Automatic palletiser

  • Automatic Beumer stretch hood – automated pallet wrapping machine

  • Bulk bagging line – Over 100 x bulk bags per day

By embracing the latest technology we are able to monitor each stage of the production process to ensure the highest of quality. This is backed up and monitored by our very own drymix laboratory team who oversee numerous control measures throughout the process.


Collecting from BGC Cement’s depot in Canning Vale is quick, convenient and reliable. Our team will ensure you are loaded as safely and soon as possible.

BGC Builders Choice Cement WA
Builder Choice - Drymix Fast Setting Concrete 20kg Builders Choice - Drymix General Purpose Concrete 20kg
Builders Choice - Drymix Grey Mortar - 20kg Builders Choice - Drymix Floor Screen - Drymix 20kg
Builders Choice - Drymix Flote Cote 20kg Builders Choice - Drymix Dried Paving Sand 20kg
Builders Choice - Drymix Pave Rite 20kg Dry Mix
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